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About Al Carpenter

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AlCarpenter 019At the age of 8 one could find me taking apart anything from kitchen appliances to lawn mowers, instead of out playing ball. At the age of 10, I had installed an alarm system at the local fishing pier, by 12; my father had enrolled me in electronic home courses. At the age of 14, I received my first US Patent (product-fluid transfer).

While in high school, I chose to start my 4-year machinist apprenticeship, (8,000 hours Certificate/journeyman-worker) all the while earning a 40 hour a week paycheck.

It’s no wonder I ended up in the Power Industry even though I had no intentions of doing so, after traveling from state to state with my family, (my father was a pioneer in the nuclear industry) I never realized my fathers conversations around the house about Power Plants and NRC issues were leading me in this direction. Once involved in the power industry I came to realize my father had inadvertently groomed me for this field. I thank my father for providing me with the education and standing behind my choices, the end result is; that I am very happy in this field but more importantly he made me feel as if I was making my own choices, apposed to him choosing for me.

Past experiences involving hands on has always given me the ability to contribute innovative solutions to the companies I’ve worked for, resulting in project cost savings. I feel very fortunate that I have an abundance of resources to draw from, past and present co-workers that provide their personal knowledge as well as their support. Employment to me has always been about personal satisfaction of a project well done.

Employment Consideration Factor:

Other than what's listed on this page can be reviewed from here >> Work/History

To aid, in ones decision making for my potential employment; I would like to recommend/suggest that you contact/speak with my past employers to gain personal knowledge of my work ethics >> Reference/Contacts

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