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Who's Who Outstanding Professionals

In Recogognition of Hard Work, Dedication, Perseverance and for Demonstrating Leadership and Achievement intheir Occupation Industry - 2013

US patent (pending #4)

Cosmetic, currently under development - 2012

Who's Who Outstanding Professionals

Having demonstrated leadership in his Industry Profession – 2006 / 2007

US patent (pending #3)

Applied for a third patent, received copyright registration - 2002

Recd.US patent (#2)

Mechanical; Independent design (machining fixture) - 1987

Dresser-Rand / Turbine Division

Designed a lathe adapter allowing for a 30-day turnaround of spiral rotors with a manufacturers lead-time of 6 to 9 months producing annual company savings 3.5m – 1985

Horne Brothers Shipyard

NASA Research Center, Langley Virginia exceptional welding ability during the wind-tunnel water-cooling tower piping installation resulting in a project cost savings in excess of 1.5m - 1983

Recd.US patent (#1)

Electro / Mechanical; Independent design (product / fluid transfer) - 1976

Employment Consideration Factor:

Other than what's listed on this page can be reviewed from here >> Work/History

To aid, in ones decision making for my potential employment; I would like to recommend/suggest that you contact/speak with my past employers to gain personal knowledge of my work ethics >> Reference/Contacts

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