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Current Status

Jacobs Engineering


November 2019


Elkton, VA


  • Start-Up
  • Sr, Contractor Coordinator
  • Construction Management Consultant/Systems Turnover
  • System Turnover Support Specialist
  • Technical Support Engineer III
  • Contract Administrator

My Professional Networks:

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My Worldwide International Phone/Video Network

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My Skype Name: al.carpenter

Al - Cell#

(941) 786-7034



Best suited for...

  • Completion/Handover/Turnover, Manager
  • Pre-Commissioning, Manager
  • Rotating Equipment, Manager
  • Client/Owner Representative
  • Quality Control Inspector (FAT)

Family is the single most important influence in a child's life. Children depend on parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs.”

Oil & Energy | Pharmaceutical | New Construction | Planned/Forced | Outage/Shutdown Support | Owner/Client Representative | Systems Turnover | Pre-Commissioning | Start-Up | Completions / Handover

skills abilities30+ years of experience and a record of superior results in a variety of challenging and multicultural environments, unique blend of visionary leadership in a diversified background, experienced in management roles on large scale projects from New/Existing construction phases including Outages (planned/forced), Shutdowns, Pre-Commissioning/Startup, Turnover Management for Energy/Power, Oil/Gas and Pharmaceutical sectors. These environments have demanded high levels of productivity coupled with the ability to work with diverse personalities and different cultures completing projects on time, to the highest standard.

My specific areas of Strength coupled with "Hands-on" Experience and Education


  • Detailed attention to Project Safety
  • Systems Handover (Client/Owner)
  • Contract Compliance • Project Completion Tracking
  • Client Relationship Development
  • Staff development/leadership
  • Work Package Development/Review
  • Construction Coordination
  • System Turnover Prioritization
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Punch-list Closure
  • Pre-Commissioning Coordination

Employment Consideration Factor:

Other than what's listed on this page can be reviewed from here >> Work/History

To aid, in ones decision making for my potential employment; I would like to recommend/suggest that you contact/speak with my past employers to gain personal knowledge of my work ethics >> Reference/Contacts

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