Current Status
Gresham Smith
On-Boarding - DATE:
September 2022
Spring Hill, TN

Gresham Smith Project(s)

  • Commissioning Manager

  • Commissioning Manager/Project Turnover

  • Sr. Contract Coordinator

My Professional Networks

Skype Name: al.carpenter
Al's Cell#
(941) 756-7034

Al Carpenter

Handover Strategies!

Construction / Commissioning


Turnover, Manager (Handover/Client), Commissioning, Manager, Rotating Equipment, Manager Client/Owner Representative, Quality Control Inspector (FAT) 

As for my work methods, I strive for continuous improvement, structure and overall process
within my arena.

Management, 101

The ability to possess successful management skillsets, starts at home. The first step to becoming a better leader/father is to understand your current strengths and weaknesses that said, let’s start with a strong family… while we are not immune to stress and crisis, we are not as crisis prone as troubled families tend to be. Rather, we possess the ability to manage both daily stressors and difficult life crises creatively and effectively.

Pharmaceutical | ISO 9 Clean Rooms | Buildings Infrastructure & Advanced Facilities | Battery Cell Manufacturer (electric vehicles) | New Construction | Planned/Forced | Oil & Energy | Outage/Shutdown Support | Owner/Client Representative | Systems Turnover | Commissioning | Start-Up | Completions / Handover

Innovative Manager with more than 45 years of in-depth experience and a record of superior results in a variety of challenging management roles, unique blend of visionary leadership in a diversified background and deliver highly complex projects through implementation of LEAN methodologies and enhanced communication.

Selecting and organizing personnel teams to perform fast-track projects ranging from Oil & Energy, Pharmaceutical, ISO 9 Clean Rooms, Battery Cell Manufacturer (electric vehicles), Planned/Forced Turbine Outage/Shutdowns.

Experience in coordinating, planning, and developing work methods for teams to achieve smooth transition of completed systems. Analyzing methods of work scope/structure and implementing changes that demanded high levels of productivity to achieve reduction of startup durations and smooth handover to the client, completing projects on time.

My specific areas of Strength coupled with "Hands-on" Experience and Education

    • Detailed attention to Project Safety
    • Systems Handover (Client/Owner)
    • Contract Compliance
    • Staff development/leadership
    • Work Package Development/Review
    • Construction Coordination
    • Work Breakdown Structure
    • Punch-list Closure
    • System Turnover Prioritization
    • Commissioning / Startup

Employment Consideration Factor:

Previous employment can be viewed here → positions-held

To aid, in ones decision making for my potential employment; I would like to recommend/suggest that you contact/speak with my past employers to gain personal knowledge of my work ethics  Reference/Contacts

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