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Hands-On / Skill Sets

Skill Sets

  1. Interface with Prime Contractor contacts, insure code compliance, maintain a record keeping system, evaluate non-conforming items, and provide correction action. Participate in meetings relative to contracts, proposals, site quality problems, and schedules. Request testing of equipment and coordinate with appropriate personal.

  2. Oversee New Turbine Installations and Inspections for owner. Monitor activities of Contractors to insure all codes, specifications, and engineering standards are compiled by. Perform inspections on mechanical equipment and QA-QC Procedures.

  3. Facilitate meetings and monitor vendor representative’s work, charges, and documentation on a daily basis. Performed construction process assessments during system walk-downs and identify exceptions and deficiencies. Provide commissioning and testing of individual components, systems, and stations as a complete integrated unit to meet all contractual obligations. Performed specific functions for Start Up.

  4. Various projects; responsible for establishing detailed direction for the installation and/or outage including strict adherence to goals and milestones. Recruiting technical staff managed personnel, customer satisfaction, supervision, safety, field progression, and meeting financial objectives. Resources, including interactions with outside contractors and vendors. Services were centered in three major categories, namely; records of all test-certs/data forms, final alignments, and plant maintenance.

  5. Contractor liaison construction Activities, review of project specifications and manufacturer installation procedures. Review contractors ITP plans to establish communication of witness and testing points. Track daily progress of assigned systems and provided a weekly report of such progress and activities. Monitor quality documentation, checks and procedures, assist contractor with technical guidance. Provide technical data and assist contractor with corrective measures addressing potential unforeseen problems and minor/daily issues.

  6. Review of project specifications and manufacturer installation procedures, review contractors ITP plan to establish communication of witness and testing points, monitor quality documentation, checks and procedures, assist contractor with technical guidance including auditing of stored materials and equipment for adherence to proper maintenance procedures.

  7. Develop policies and procedures for Field Services Operations, plan, coordinate, oversee activities of all field service projects. Provide recommendations on a broad spectrum of division related issues. Interface with the Business Development Manager, and Finance Manager to minimize project costs.

  8. Supervised manufacturing of prototypes and "one-off" electromechanical material handling systems. Primary contact with customers to assess the nature of their system fault, ordering of all necessary parts and supplies, securing travel arrangements to and from customer sites and any follow-up needed to ensure customer satisfaction, in addition to coordination of service contract renewal and negotiation.

  9. Ensured installation of all newly installed rotating equipment items are satisfactory and in accordance with requirements and recommendations provided by vendors. Maintain reports for all. Provide technical data and assist contractor with corrective measures addressing potential unforeseen problems and minor/daily issues.

  10. Primary contractor interface for critical issues associated with system turnovers. Reviewed/Managed EPC’s Start-Up file system and monitored construction data (components/equip.) for Turnover Acceptability.


  • Management and Administration of the Completions and Commissioning projects providing project leadership for scope identification and procedure development for turnover and pre-commissioning.
  • Co-ordinate & Manage Manpower, Supervisors, Loop check teams and Vendors/Vendors Senior Management. Co-ordinate loop checking & function checks. Attend to Pre-Commissioning & Engineering problems. Resolve System Problems with Vendors. Prove system function (Logics) checks to client. Drive Commissioning to closure. Solve Instrumentation & Control problems after start-up. Report to Corporate Project Director.
  • Supervise Pre-Commissioning activities in Utility Area (Utility Air, Nitrogen, Instrument Air, Lube Oil, Fire Water, Demineralized Water, Condensate, Utility Water, HP Steam, LP Steam, Condensate and Boiler Feed Water Line) and Sulfur Recovery Unit Area.
  • Lead and supervise a group of pre-commissioning workers (e.g. foreman, welders, pipe fitters, helpers) for the preparation and reinstatement of all the activities.
  • Review manpower, equipment and material planning for temporary piping, cleaning, pneumatic testing, dry lay-up, leak testing, steaming out, water flushing, oil flushing and chemical cleaning.
  • Developed execution plans, schedules, manpower and budgetary estimates for commissioning and startup services.
  • Fully convey the work to be done & identifying the exact plant or apparatus to work on.
  • Coordinate with QC and HSE team for quality and HSE measures.
  • Coordinate with work permit receiver for the respective system/equipment to work on.
  • Perform leak checks on process piping and vessels.
  • Conduct loop checks on field equipment.
  • Pneumatic testing, drying, pigging, gross leak testing, water flushing and oil flushing.
  • In-charge for valve line-up and actual gas-in for fuel gas system.
  • Review the system/equipment isolation and the placement of locks and tags based on the respective LOTO Work Permit Clearance Form.
  • Review procedures for completion/commissioning
  • Provide weekly progress reports to clients
  • Lead and review punchlist items during meetings
  • Facilitate construction/commissioning meetings
  • Lead progress meetings with clients
  • Coordinate with client for inspection.
  • Administer/review of Completion database inputs
  • Perform mechanical completion walk downs, punch list and P & ID verification walk downs
  • Verify and sign off documentation and turnover forms for the client
  • Manage site completion/commissioning process
  • Closeout projects and turnover facility to client


SUMMARY of “HANDS – ON” Steam Turbine experience:

  • New Installations of new units plus, gray equip. from civil to provisional acceptance, force to planned, standard Inspections to major overhauls, Steam Path Audits, Pre-commissioning of various Steam Turbines. Provide Commissioning management and technical field assistance for a multitude of Multistage Medium Size to large Steam Turbines ranging from 35 MW to 190MW, Erection and Commissioning.

(QTY) – Scope / Unit Model & Type

  • Activities performed, associated…

(9) - New Installations / GE D11 Steam Turbines

  • Supervised, startup, construction, commissioning and service resources...
  • Bearings and Lubrication Systems
  • Steam and Oil Seals
  • Main Steam Stop Valve plus associated HP turbine piping
  • Oversee piping welds NDE inspection reports
  • Stop, Trip & Throttle, and Intercept Valves
  • Governor/Control Valves
  • Steam Line Connections and Drains
  • Turbine Over Speed Protection and Trip Logic
  • Steam Turbine Arrangements and Applications

(1) - New Installation / Toshiba 190MW Steam Turbines

  • construction, commissioning and service resources...
  • Exhaust System Configuration
  • Steam Turbine Blading
  • Discs, Rotors, Shafts, Blade Rings, Shells, and Diaphragms
  • Rotor Forgings with Center Bores
  • Bearing standard installation (Front-Mid)
  • Rotor Blade installation
  • Rotor alignments
  • Steam Path Inspection

(2) - Outages / GE D11 Steam Turbines

  • construction, commissioning and service resources...
  • turbine repair shops
  • Steam Path Inspection
  • Evaluation and Repair
  • Steam Path Audits

(2) - Inspections / Siemens 35MW Steam Turbines

  • construction, pre-commissioning and service resources...
  • turbine repair shops
  • Steam Path Inspection

(4) - Inspections / Siemens Vax Units 64.3A Steam Turbines              

  • Supervised the Pre-Commissioning
  • construction, commissioning and service resources...
  • On-site turbine rotor repair shop, inspections


Utilities/Power Plants, Turbines / Generators / ID-Fans
(QTY) - Scope / Unit Model & Type
(2) - Outages / GE Frame 7FA Gas Turbines
(2) - Outages / GE D11 Steam Turbines
(12)-Outages / ABB GT24 Gas Turbines
(2) - Inspections / Siemens 35MW Steam Turbines
(4) - Inspections / Siemens Vax Units 64.3A Steam Turbines               
(8) - New Installations / Commission Howden Buffalo L3N Size 3786 DWDI – ID-Fans
(2) - New Installations / Commission Flaktwood AF-6310A – ID-Fans 1,111,000 ACFM
(4) - New Installations / Commission Flaktwood 2490 DYW Booster Fans 621,000 ACFM
(1) - New Installations / Caterpillar - Solar Mars 100 Gas Turbine Generator Set kWe 10,695
(16)-New Installations / Commission / GE Frame 7FA Gas Turbines
(9) - New Installations / GE D11 Steam Turbines
(2) - New Installations / Westinghouse W501G Gas Turbines
(4) - New Installations / Mitsubishi 501F Dual Fuel Turbines
(1) - New Installation / Toshiba 190MW Steam Turbines
(8) - New Installations / ABB GT24 Gas Turbines
(2) - New Installations / Startup / GE LM6000 (Aero-Derivative)
(3) - New Installations / Startup / Pratt & Whitney FT8 Swift Twin Pac (Aero-Derivative)
(8) - New Installations / Startup / Commission / GE Frame 9FA Gas Turbines (50HZ) 

Utilities, Compressors / Pumps / Motors
(QTY) - Scope / Unit Model & Type
(2)  -  Re-machine / Overhaul Dresser-Rand DR63G-60 Gas Turbines
(8)  -  Re-machine / Overhaul Dresser-Rand DR62G Gas Turbines
(4)  -  Refurbish / Ingersoll-Rand Nitrogen Compressors (450Hp)
(-)  -  Overhaul (various types) Ingersoll-Rand Multistage Centrifugal Pumps
(1)  -  Overhaul 700,000 GPM Vertical Pump - Ingersoll-Rand (IR)
(2)  -  Major Inspection on I-R CDP-224 Compressors
(30+)-Major overhaul I-R 6,000psi H-P Compressors
(4)  -  Inspection of I-R High Pressure Cap Units
(12) - Inspection - Rebuild I-R Axi-vac Screw Compressors

Refinery, Compressors / Pumps / Motors

  • Amine Filtration Pumps
  • Caustic Pumps
  • Recirculation Pumps
  • Lean Solvent Pumps & Motors
  • Sweet Water Pumps & Motors
  • Quench Water Pumps
  • Phenolic Sour Water Feed Drum Motors
  • Sour Water Surge Pumps & Motors
  • Non-Phenolic Sour Water Feed Drum Pumps
  • Slop Oil Motors
  • Lube Oil Pumps & Motors
  • Caustic Pumps Sweet Water Pumps & Motors
  • Tail Gas Combustion Air Blowers & Motors
  • Sulfur Pit Sump Pumps
  • Sulfur Recovery Combustion Air Blowers & Motors
  • Sour Water Feed Drain Pumps
  • Solvent Transfer Pumps
  • Sour Water Feed Pumps
  • Rich Amine Reflux Pumps
  • Rich Solvent Pumps & Motors
  • Quench Water Pumps
  • Rich Amine Feed Drum Slop Oil Pumps
  • Booster Pumps
  • Potable Water Pumps & Motors
  • Liquid Sulfur Motors Lube Oil Pumps
  • Lean Solvent Pumps
  • Lean Amine Filter Pumps
  • Drains Return Pumps
  • Flare Blow-down Pumps
  • Booster Pumps
  • Caustic Pumps
  • Amine Bottom Pumps
  • Amine Condensate Pumps
  • Degas Motors
  • Non-Phenolic Sour Water Surge Tank Motors
  • Potable Water Pumps
  • LP Condensate Pumps
  • Rich Solvent Pumps & Motors
  • Sulfur Recovery Combustion Air Blowers
  • Non Phenolic Sour Water Pumps & Motors
  • Condensate Pumps & Motors
  • Sulfur Degassing Air Compressors & Motors
  • Boiler Feed Water Pumps & Motors
  • Rich Amine Pumps & Motors
  • Surge Tank Slop Oil Pumps & Motors
  • Sour Water Transfer Pumps
  • Phenolic Sour Water Feed Pumps & Motors
  • Non Phenolic Sour Water Pumps & Motors
  • Lean Amine Export Pumps & Motors
  • Slop Oil Pumps
  • Fresh Solvent Pumps

Heavy Industrial, Conveyors / Crane Systems

Material (Gypsum) Processing, Hoppers, Monorails, Jib, Cable, Radial Stackers, Galleries, Trusses (cable suspension conveyors)

Material Handling and Storage Equipment, Monorails / Tube Systems / Dock Lifts

Material Handling Conveyors; Gravity Roller, Powered Belt, Skate-wheel, Powered Roller, Extendable, Special Purpose, Overhead, Pallet, Door Openers (hyd), Elevated Lay-downs, Loading and unloading of materials from sea/shipping containers to buildings; Electrified / Mechanical Monorail Systems, Vacuum Systems, Blow Tube Systems 

Design / Assemble Robotic Equipment

Assembly of electrical components on Automated Guided Vehicles; Fork lift devices, Automatic stacker cranes, Racking systems. New construction power supply panels, Surface mount and thru-hole PCB assembly, Control panels, soldering multi-panels,

Design / Repair / Assemble Electronic Equipment

PC-boards, radios, clocks, TV's, Home/business alarm systems, Digital video stabilizers, audio video/VHS switches, Sound-Mixers, amplified antennas, Designed / Install - Surveillance cameras, intercom systems, Security lock systems, automatic gate locks and custom, Stereos, TV monitors, crossovers, graphic equalizers

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