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About Al Carpenter

At the age of 8 one could find me taking apart anything from kitchen appliances to lawn mowers, instead of out playing ball. At the age of 10, I had installed an alarm system at the local fishing pier, by 12; my father had enrolled me in electronic home courses. At the age of 14, I received my first US Patent (product-fluid transfer).

While in high school, I chose to start my 4-year machinist apprenticeship, (8,000 hours Certificate/journeyman-worker) all the while earning a 40 hour a week paycheck.

Past experiences involving hands on has always given me the ability to contribute innovative solutions to the companies I’ve worked for, resulting in project cost savings. I feel very fortunate that I have an abundance of resources to draw from, past and present co-workers that provide their personal knowledge as well as their support.

Employment to me has always been about personal satisfaction of a project well done.

Employment Consideration Factor:

Previous employment can be viewed here → Work/History

To aid, in ones decision making for my potential employment; I would like to recommend/suggest that you contact/speak with my past employers to gain personal knowledge of my work ethics  Reference/Contacts