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Al Carpenter Resume & Details
Granite Shoals, TX USA
+1 (941) 786-7034
+1 (941) 223-5817
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Most Recent Positions Held:

  1. Commissioning Manager (Gresham Smith) Lordstown, Ohio
  2. Commissioning Manager/Project Turnover (Jacobs Engineering) Elkton, Virginia
  3. Sr, Contractor Coordinator (Florida Power & Light Company) Florida

This is a new facility for manufacturing battery cells used in electric cars and other electric vehicles. Specializing in the development of raw materials into pouch cells, which are ideally suited to automotive applications. The goal, increase battery performance while lowering cost to help facilitate the global transition to electric vehicles, all with safety as their top priority. Ultium Cells is a multinational joint venture between LG Chem, the world’s largest automotive cell manufacturer, and General Motors, one of the most enduring and successful names in the entire auto industry. The result of that collaboration is one of the largest, most technologically advanced battery cell manufacturing facilities in the world. Responsible for streamlining the commissioning platform CxAlloy plus, provide project leadership for scope identification and procedure development for turnover and pre-commissioning. Primary contractor interface for critical issues associated with system turnovers. Reviewed/Managed EPC’s Start-Up file system and monitored construction data (components/equip.) for Turnover Acceptability. Assist contractor with technical guidance including auditing of stored materials and equipment for adherence for established procedures and assist with owner equipment training.

Employment Consideration Factor:

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